Z3X Shell Update Setup v 4.7.3 Download Z3X Shell Latest Setup Download

How To Install Z3X Box Installation and registration procedure

1. Connect Z3X-Box to PC
2. Install Z3X-Box Drivers from folder x:\Program Files\z3x\Box drivers\
3. Install Z3X-Card Drivers from folder x:\Program Files\z3x\Card drivers\
4. Install Easy-Jtag Drivers from folder x:\Program Files\z3x\Jtag drivers\
5. Install additional drivers (if necessary) from folder x:\Program Files\z3x\Reader drivers\

Activation and registration:
4. Run Shell
5. Click "Settings and Hardware tools" 
6. Click "Run Hardware Wizard". Wizard will start
7. Make all necessary steps from wizard

Download main software:
7. Click "Support files" from Shell and browse/search software
8. Run downloaded exe

9. Choice phone model from list and click "Run"
- Updating firmware DB now working in background.

Z3X Shell Update Setup v4.7.3 Download   
Z3x Box Latest Samsung Setup Download